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Foundation Crack Repair Nashville, Tennessee

putting of the wall siding of the basement

If water gets underneath your Foundations it may cause it to shift. This can cause your Foundations to crack under the force being applied unevenly. This will cause arrange of issues for your property including compromising your structural integrity as well as allowing water to pass through. You should hire our professional foundation crack repair service in order to fix your foundations before further issues arise. This will save you money as well as provide many benefits to your property. You can find many concrete foundation contractors Nashville, TN around your area as well. Get in touch with us today to book this excellent service.

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    Prevent Water Damages

    If there is a crack in your foundation, it will allow water to pass through. This can lead to many issues, but perhaps the most expensive problem will be water damage. Water can flood in and destroy your structures, walls, and wood. It can also ruin any electronics or delicate possessions that it comes in contact with. This will result in the need for costly repair work. To avoid this, you should hire us to repair the cracks in your foundations before water seeps through and destroys your home.


    Prevent Further Damage to Structures

    If you have a damaged slab foundation Nashville, TN, it can cause a lot of issues for you down the line. A foundation that has moved will cause walls to split and come apart. This will weaken the structure on your property and result in the need for costly repairs. If you Repair cracks in your foundations as soon as they appear, you can avoid further damages. This will save you a lot of money in the long run on repairs and replacements. Call or email us today to hire us to repair your foundations.



    When it comes to your property, looks are essential. If you have poor aesthetics on your property, then you can have a range of problems. These problems can range from making a wrong impression with guests and visitors to losing your property's value as your home will be less attractive to potential buyers. Damaged foundations can significantly reduce the value of your property. To avoid these issues, you should hire us to repair your foundations. This will make your property more appealing as well as more valuable. Get in touch with us today to protect the aesthetics of your property.


    Prolong the Life of Your Foundations

    If you have a crack in your Foundations, you must have it repaired as soon as possible. This is because the damage will grow and become a more significant issue. This will result in the need for a complete slab replacement. This is a labor-intensive and expensive process, especially when compared to a simple Repair. Repairing your foundations can save you a lot of money on a replacement in the future. Give us a call or send us an email today to book us for our foundation repair services.


    Cracks and Dents in Your Home 

    Cracks are often the result of too much pressure when you walk on them. If there are several layers of drywall on a foundation wall (a concrete wall with no insulation or sheetrock between the walls), the pressure will cause cracks to appear where it is not adequately supported. Such a crack's seriousness varies greatly depending on the area, size, and several cracks and how often the house has had other indicators of structural problems. Cracks in the older age and their foundation origin, even if the house hasn't had any other problems, are more likely to appear. Still, older homes with significant flaws in them can also be bought at low prices. Cracks often develop slowly over time.

    A professional should always inspect any cracks in a wall that has a central focus before they are allowed to become a major problem. Foundation cracks should be repaired and sealed by a competent professional and not ignored for months. Unfortunately, most people don't know the first thing about fixing a foundation-crack problem. Often, the homeowner is the one who makes the biggest mistakes. It's not uncommon for homeowners to apply mortar joint filler, such as Anchorseal, to repair small cracks in a wall that eventually turns into larger cracks. Unfortunately, this often results in a weaker seal over the next few years, making it more susceptible to further cracking.

    Homeowners who believe they are doing the right thing by repairing cracks in walls may be overlooking a much bigger issue. In many cases, cracks aren't the first sign of a structural integrity issue. Frequently, a cracked foundation is accompanied by the development of mold. This can lead to severe health problems and even death in extreme circumstances. Mold infestations must be taken care of quickly to prevent further damage to the home's interior.


    Different Methods to Detect Cracks in your Home 

    Fortunately, several different methods are used to detect cracks in the exterior walls and interior foundation. The main types of structural cracks commonly found are vertical cracks (vertical in nature), diagonal cracks (divergent in nature), and horizontal cracks (horizontal in nature). These are further broken down into two categories: vertical and horizontal flashings.

    Vertical cracks occur when pressure or weight is placed on the wall's surface or floor that isn't supported properly. This results in buckling or loosening of the surface, which then forces the concrete surface upward. Although this type of crack usually goes directly through the wood framing or shingles of the foundation, it can also be found around window and door openings, where soil pressures are more prevalent. As mentioned earlier, proper soil drainage is crucial, and by fixing any issues that may be responsible for these cracks, you can greatly reduce future problems.

    Diverse forms of cracks can also impact foundation damage. For example, if soil pressure is excessive around an exterior doorway, such as at a front door, an interior doorway, or another affected area, the soil may move or slip slightly underneath the door frame, causing this type of damage. Likewise, cracks can appear along the edge of the foundation walls. When soil pressure pushes on the walls in these areas, this can often lead to additional damage. In addition to both vertical and lateral cracks, small voids can also form in the foundation. These are tiny air pockets that can develop due to structural failures or pressure issues.

    When repairing foundation damage from cracks, it's important to know what type of repair is needed. Often, all cracks in the exterior walls and floor of the home must first be filled to ensure proper waterproofing. After this is done, the house will then need to be prepared for piers installation. Piers are large posts or beams used to support the floor and support a building from the inside. Installing piers is actually relatively straightforward and can often be completed by a trained professional.

    With new construction, many homeowners choose to address these vertical cracks with Epoxy garage floor paint. Epoxy is a clear, odorless chemical compound that can be applied directly to various surfaces-even small cracks. Once applied, it'll bond with the surface, creating a solid protective coating that will prevent moisture and water damage. Because Epoxy is available in a wide variety of strengths and textures, it's a great option when dealing with small to large cracks on walls or ceilings. This can be done by expert foundation contractors near me.